Dietary Advice
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Dietary Advice

When it comes to feeding your pet, the choices are endless and deciding what to feed them isn’t always easy. Making sure that your pet is on a balanced and complete diet that is not only tailored to their breed but also their life stage is important to keep your pet as healthy as they can be.

Epsom Road Vet - Dietary Advice For Your Pet

We know how easy it can be to put on an extra few kilos over the years. We also know that your pet’s diet can affect their overall health and can contribute to problems. It’s up to us as pet owners and veterinarians to help our pets with the right choices, helping to avoid issues like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and joint diseases.

If you’re noticing that your pet is getting a bit chonky, feel free to call into the clinic. We have electronic scales to accurately weigh your pet and while you’re here, have a chat with our team about a nutrition plan.

Epsom Road Vet also stocks a range of premium pet foods including, Hills Science Diet and Royal Canin, which are scientifically formulated for you pet’s needs.

So get in contact with our team and book in with us for your pet’s dietary advice, we promise no judgement! We know that you want the very best for your pet, not a lecture.

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