Stress Free Visits
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Stress Free Visits

At Epsom Street Vet, our aim is to make your pet’s visit with us stress free and comfortable, not only for your pet, but also for you!

Epsom Road Vet - Stress Free Visits
We’ll work with you to reduce any stress on your pet as much as possible. We also have a range of pheromone based treatments to help if your pet is showing signs of stress, including Feliway and Adaptil.

We will always aim to make your pet’s visit as stress free as possible. This may include giving plenty of treats, examining your pet on the floor where they are more comfortable, low stress handling, allowing your pet time to relax. If your pet is particularly anxious, talk to us about medication to relax your pet before their visit.

While we prefer to see you in our clinic where we have access to all of our equipment and medications, in some situations we are also able to offer house calls (prior arrangement is necessary).

Just give us a call on 9370 1900 and we can chat about the options available so your pet’s visit with us is as stress free as possible.

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