Exotic Pets & Referrals
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Exotic Pets & Referrals

Lions and tigers and bears… Well, we might not actually see many of those come through our clinic doors, but we do appreciate that not every pet is a dog or cat. That’s why we can also see other exotic pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs and rats.
Epsom Road Vet - Exotic Pets & Referrals

If your pet’s case is complex, requiring advanced diagnosis and/or treatment, we have a network of experts we call upon to help. We work very closely with these specialists, and will inform you with the latest every step along the way. Some of these specialists can see your pet here in our clinic, while others require referral to their own dedicated facility.

We’ll work with you to achieve the best possible outcomes for your pet.

We are fortunate that our colleagues at Alphington and Fairfield Vet have a special interest in rabbits, birds and other exotic pets.

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