Pet Emergencies
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Pet Emergencies

Our team are here to help in the case of pet emergencies. If your pet experiences a sudden illness, injury, or accident call our practice on (03) 9370 1900 immediately. Emergency cases are prioritised and our team can provide life-saving first aid advice.

If your pet requires emergency treatment outside of our opening hours, please contact Advanced VetCare on (03) 9092 0400.

They are located at 26 Robertson Street, Kensington VIC

* Please note Epsom Road Vet does not stock snake antivenom. If you are worried your pet has been bitten by a snake please contact Advanced VetCare directly.

What To Do In Case of a Pet Care Emergency


  • Remain calm.
  • Contact us prior to your arrival so we can provide immediate advice and prepare our team.
  • Advise the clinic if assistance is needed in moving your pet.

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