Pet Surgery Services
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Pet Surgery Services

From desexing to complex soft tissue, orthopaedic and intestinal surgeries, our vet surgeons are skilled and experienced in veterinary surgery for your pet.

Epsom Road Vet - Pet Surgery Services
If your pet needs to be under anaesthetic, they will be closely monitored by our qualified team using a range of specialised equipment including blood pressure, oxygenation and carbon dioxide monitors. All anaesthetised pets have a pre-anaesthetic blood profile and are placed on intravenous fluids.

There’s also no need to worry that your best friend is in pain when they wake up. Pain relief for animals is of the utmost importance to us and we use multimodal pain relievers (a combination of local anaesthetic blocks together with injectable pain relief and take home medication) so your pet is as comfortable as we can make them.

We also have visiting specialist surgeons who are able to travel to our facility for more complex surgeries.

If you’d like to chat about our pet surgery and procedures, please get in touch via our contact us page or giving us a call on 03 9370 1900.

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